Do I get it?

Posted on November 1, 2010


Prompted by the first part of Joe Trippi’s book, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, and as self-proclaimed realidealist, I asked myself Do I get it? It being the impact and potential of how digital communications is changing and continues to change our world. Trippi, even as a seasoned and sometime cynical pol, sees the revolutionary potential of this medium and applied it directly to the Dean for America campaign.

I see this and I experienced it during the 2008 election when the Obama campaign “got it” and used a combination of digital community-building, online fund-raising, innovative ideas and a whole lot of money to change the way people experienced politics and presidential elections.

But now, 2 years later, has anything really changed? Has it and I just don’t see it or get it? Because to me, it feels like people are back to being disengaged with our government, apathetic towards elections and generally disillusioned. The realist seeps in.

If Trippi could make it through decades of increasingly awful politics and come out on the other side hopeful, there must be something happening. Idealism, is that you?

Companies and organizations are changing the way they communicate and build relationships with their customers, because the people are demanding it and the internet is their tool to spread the word. And it seems, at times, that some politicians are doing that too. We have an incredible arsenal of tools at our fingertips (literally) to demand change in our political system. The tools that could indeed revolutionize the way our government is run and they way politicians campaign.

Will the time come when change is real, and not just a slogan for an incredibly powerful presidential campaign?

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